mSpy Customer’s Review 2017: Does it Really Work on iPhone & Android Phone?

mSpy Customer’s Review 2017: Does it Really Work on iPhone & Android Phone?
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mSpy Customer Reviews

I purchased mSpy – Premium edition and tested its No-jailbreak Solution then I installed it on my iPhone 6 ( iOS 8.4 ) and tested all of its features. After that I installed it on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime also which is an Android OS phone. I am sharing my experience below:

Does mSpy Work and Easy to Use?

I heard that mSpy ( or My Spy or mSpyOnline ) is the most reliable spy app present this time. So I decided to install it in my cell phone to know the truth.

How Does mSpy Work on Non-Jailbroken iPhone:

They claim mSpy also works remotely without access of target iPhone ( target cell phone is the phone which you want to spy or track ) and I found it true. I purchased its premium pack which costs $69.99 and first of all checked No-Jailbreak Solution. After purchase they provided login credentials and I logged in mSpy Dashboard. For this remote monitoring iCloud Credentials of target iPhone are required, when I filled the required fields then I was able to access all features which mSpy claims but in this remote monitoring iCloud updates mSpy Dashboard after every 24 hours.

mSpy app with no jailbreak

In this No-Jailbreak Solution I was able to use the following features:

– I Can See All Contacts & Call Logs Details,

– Text Messages, Notes, Events and Browser History,

– Skype, Whatsapp and Line,

– Wi-Fi Networks and Installed Applications.

How Does mSpy Work on Jailbroken iPhone:

Then I Jail-broke my iPhone to use all features of mSpy. They provided a downloading link in my email and I opened it in the browser of my iPhone. Then downloading and installation hardly took 7-8 minutes. After that I login to mSpy Dashboard and found all features were working well.

Here I tested all of mSpy features and noted one thing that mSpy worked very-very smoothly with iPhone. It didn’t affect processing of my iPhone. mSpy offers a lot of features, some of them really impressed me like “ Website Blocking facility “, “to See Browser History”, “Geo-Fencing”, “ Target Phone Information “, “Wipe Target Phone “ and “ Installed Apps “.

In ‘Geo-Fencing’ you can select a particular area on the map and when the target person enters or exits that particular area then mSpy will notify you. So it is an amazing feature which mSpy offers.

How Does mSpy Work on Android Phone:

After testing on iPhone I tested it on my Android cell phone because you can spy more than one cell phone with mSpy with no extra cost but only one phone at a time. I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Android cell phone. Simply I opened the downloding link in browser of Android phone and then installation took 3-4 minutes to complete. In the previous manner I opened mSpy – Dashboard and checked all of the features. In this case all features were working well and found mSpy working very smoothly with Android OS also.

I concluded that it is very easy to use if you are a smart-phone user and it really works well on iOS as well as on Android OS.

To View a Live Demo of mSpy Click Here

Features Offered by mSpy Tracking Application:

mSpy Tinder Tracking

mSpy is available in two packs i.e. Basic and Premium. If you are planning to buy it then you should buy premium version because you shouldn’t miss amazing features which are available only in premium version.

All Features of mSpy are:

You can see Call Logs, Contacts & Text Messages.

You can read Emails, see Browser History & Website Bookmarks, also see Events and you can also Block Websites

Track GPS Location of target person anytime and also do Geo-Fencing.

Also read instant messenger like Whatsapp, skype, Telegram, Snapchat, Tinder etc.

mSpy offers to ‘Control Apps & Programs’ like app-blocking, keylogger & see installed apps.

It offers to see Gallery of target cell phone which include photos, videos and Instagram.

You can remotely control the target cell phone with following commands: Device Wipe-out & Locking, see whole   Device Info & jump into control panel.

You will get some extra features like: Comprehensive Reports, 24/7 Multi-language Support & Uninstall alert.

Exciting Features offered by mSpy for iPhone ( Which make it a true Spy App ):

Remotely ( without touching the target iPhone ) Spy Whatsapp Messages

Remotely Spy Line Messages

Remotely Spy Skype Messages

Remotely Spy Browser History, Installed Apps, Wi-Fi Networks etc.

Remotely Spy Contacts/Call History/Text Messages/Events/Notes.

Things You Need to know Before Purchasing:


mSpy is available only for iOS, Android OS, Windows PC and MacOS that means it doesn’t support Nokia or BlackBerry cell phones. If you want to monitor an iPhone or Android phone then there is no problem and you can purchase it.

To check compatibility of your cell phone click here

Physical access

Second thing you should know is about physical access. If you don’t have Apple credentials of the target iPhone then you should have physical access of that iPhone for 5-10 minutes to install mSpy in it. For this it should be jailbroken.

Similarly in case of Android phone, It should be rooted and you must have physical access for 5-10 minutes of that targeted android phone.

Refund Policy:

mSpy has 10 day refund policy. In case your cell phone is not compatible with mSpy they will refund your money. For more info read their complete refund policy here.


mSpy is available at very reasonable price. Its Basic Pack starts from $29.99 and Premium pack starts from $69.99. Complete pricing details are:

Basic Pack

1 Month Subscription: $29.99

3 Months Subscription: $59.99

12 Months Subscription: $99.99

Premium Pack

1 Month Subscription: $69.99

3 Months Subscription: $119.99

12 Months Subscription: $199.99


Why mSpy is Better than Other Spy Apps:

No doubt it is the best spy / monitoring software present this time. Also it has more than 1000000 satisfied users worldwide which makes it the most popular tracking / spy app. Also it is available only in $29.99 ( Basic pack ) which is a reasonable price tag. Its basic pack offers good list of features at reasonable price and works very smoothly with all OS. Also it is verified from PTPA ( Parent Tested Parent Approved ) which is a North America’s parent testing community.

Pros and Cons of mSpy:


– More than 28 features

– No-jailbreak solution is available

– Easy to use for newbies too

– Free online help and 24/7 multi-language customer support

– Track multiple devices with single subscription ( one at a time )

– 10 day refund policy

– Smooth working with all OS


– Not available for BlackBerry and Windows phones.

Final Verdict:

Get mSpy

According to my research on mSpy software if you want to spy an Android or Apple device then mSpy must be your first choice. This software is reliable, tested and perfect in its job. So from my side there is a Green Signal to mSpy.

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