Mobistealth Spy App User’s Review 2017 for Android, iPhone, Nokia & BlackBerry

Mobistealth Spy App User’s Review 2017 for Android, iPhone, Nokia & BlackBerry
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To review Mobistealth deeply we installed it in our personal cell phones ( Android, iPhone 6, Nokia and BB ). After that we checked all of its features on all operating systems. If you are interested in Mobistealth or searching for a perfect spy app, you should read this review.

How to Install Mobistealth on Target Phone

We are describing the process of installation of Mobistealth on all supporting operating systems. It is based on our real installation experience.

If Target Phone is an iPhone:

– If target cell phone is an iPhone then you don’t need its physical access to spy on it. The only thing you need is Apple ID credentials of target iPhone. Just buy Mobistealth and log-in to online dashboard, fill Apple credentials and secretly log into that iPhone. This is a remote method to spy someones iPhone and Mobistealth gives a special name to this method – “Non-Jailbreak Solution”. Mobistealth provides following features under Non-Jailbreak Solution:

1. SMS Spy,

2. Calls Spy,

3. Contact Spy,

4. Whatsapp / Skype / KIK / Line / Viber Spy;

5. Pictures Spy;

& 6. Location Tracking of target iPhone.

Please Click Here to Visit Official Website of Mobistealth

Non-Jailbreak Solution works on iOS 6.0 to 9.3.

– If you need full feature-list of Mobistealth then you must have physical access of the targeted iPhone to install Mobistealth in it. Also in this case you need to Jailbreak target iPhone. After Jailbreaking you can install Mobistealth in targeted iPhone. Installation hardly takes 5-6 minutes to complete. You have to purchase this app and after purchase they will provide you a downloading link. Then you have to open this link in targeted iPhone’s Safari browser and it will automatically download this app in the targeted iPhone. So this is the complete method of installing Mobistealth in the targeted iPhone.

If Target User is Using an Android Phone

In case of Android OS, you can install Mobistealth with the help of downloading link provided by them. Mobistealth doesn’t require rooting that means you can directly install Mobistealth in the targeted Android phone. But if you want to spy instant messengers then rooting is necessary. That means if you don’t root targeted Android phone then you can spy everything except instant messengers.

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If Target Cell Phone is a Nokia or BlackBerry OS Phone

In case of Nokia and BlackBerry cell phones Mobistealth is completely hidden. Target user can’t detect it in his/her cell phone. Installation process is same as the Android phone, you have to open downloading link in the target cell phone’s browser and after that it will take 4-5 minutes in downloading and installation. No any other process required to install this software in these cell phones.

How to Use Mobistealth

Mobistealth is very easy to use, you just have to log-in to your Online Account of Mobistealth and after sign-in Online Dashboard will appear on the screen. Here you will see complete list of features, you just have to click on any feature to spy information related to it. User-name and password would be provided to you at the time of purchase. If you have any doubt or question in your mind then you can Click Here to check FAQs.

Features Offered by Mobistealth

Mobistealth Features

Mobistealth offers a big list of features. Some of these have been added to the list in 2016. Features of Mobistealth are:

– Sent or Received SMS: You can view sent or received SMSs with time and date of each SMS on remote online dashboard.

– Application List: With the help of this you can view all applications installed on the target cell phone.

– Contacts/Calender/Appointments: It helps to view detail of all contacts and appointments saved.

– Instant Messenger Spy: You can spy almost all instant messengers with the help of Mobistealth. Supported IMs are: BBM, MSN, Skype, Whatsapp, Yahoo, Viber, KiK and Line.

– Web Browser Spy: It allows you to spy browser history and bookmarks saved on the target cell phone.

– Location Tracking- with GPS & without GPS: With the help of GPS is an ordinary location tracking but Mobistealth also works without GPS by catching signals from satellite towers.

– Email Logging: You can spy on emails with Mobistealth.

– Monitor Pictures / Videos: It provides the facility of viewing pictures and watching videos saved on the target cell phone. This is an advanced and exciting feature of Mobistealth.

– Call Recording: You can record calls ( incoming & outgoing ) with this spy software.

– Surround Recording: This is the most advanced feature of Mobistealth. It helps in recording of surroundings of the target cell phone anytime.

Things to be Remember!

Mobistealth Compatibility and requirements


First thing you have to check the compatibility of Mobistealth with operating system of your cell phone. Since it is available for almost all major OS including Apple iOS, Android, Nokia Symbian, BlackBerry and windows also. So if your cell phone belongs to any one of these categories then you may get this software.


If you are installing this software in an Apple phone then it can be done remotely. Otherwise you must have physical access of the target cell phone to install Mobistealth in it.

Also you should remember that your Apple device must be Jailbroken and Android device must be rooted if you want to enjoy all of the features of Mobistealth.

Customer Support

You can submit an online ticket anytime ( 24×7 ). Also voice support is available from Mon-Fri 9AM to 6PM CST.

Price Tag

Android monitoring Mobistealth software is available in two subscriptions namely PRO and PRO-X costs $16.66/month and $26.66/month respectively.

iPhone monitoring software also available in 2 subscriptions namely PREMIUM & PREMIUM PLUS costs $33.33/Month and $40/Month respectively.

Click Here to View Complete Pricing Plans of Mobistealth

Refund Policy

If customer is unable to install Mobistealth or unable to gain access of the target cell phone then they will refund your money. To see complete refund policy please Click Here.

Where to Buy?

If you have finally decided to purchase Mobistealth then go to their official website here: and select your operating system and buy.

Please Click Here to visit Official Website of Mobistealth

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