How to Spy on Someone’s Browsing History

How to Spy on Someone's Browsing History

Browsing history is the mirror image of target person’s imaginations and thinking. Doctors mostly browse medical website, similarly engineers browse technical website. By seeing the browser’s history you can judge anyone’s mind waves. If you want to know what type of websites your underage children surf then you have to spy on their browser’s history. It is a simple task now. You need not to do anything technical to spy on browser history. Here we will explain everything but first of all we will try to answer a simple question ‘why we need to spy on browsing history of someone’s cell phone or PC’.

Need of Spying Browsing History

If you are a businessman and in business hours some of your employees are not working seriously then it is necessary for you to keep track on their browsers. Also it will help you to make them more productive because they will work hard when they realized that they are under surveillance by a spy app. In the same way if you are in doubt whether your underage children are using internet for real purposes or not then this spy app will give you satisfaction by keeping an eye on them.

How to Spy on Browsing History of Android Phones?


It is very simple to spy browsing history of an Android cell phone of any manufacturer. Actually you need its physical access for 2-4 minutes to install SPY APP in it. After that return that mobile phone and spy on internet browsing from your dashboard ( online dashboard of Spy App ).

Before installing you have to buy this spy app and they will provide you a downloading link. Open that link in target android phone’s browser and download will start automatically.

It is good news for you that rooting of target Android phone is not necessary to install this spy app in it. So just buy and install Android spy app and start monitoring.

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How to Spy on Browsing History of iPhone or iPad?

mSpy Features

In case of Apple devices it is very-very simple to track internet history. After purchasing this spy app there are two ways to spy on target phone, first is by physical installation and second by remote installation. If you have Apple ID credentials of target Apple device then you can use remote approach otherwise choose second approach i.e. by physical installation. If you are confused then read following tutorial: How to Spy an iPhone Remotely

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How to Spy on Browsing History of PC ( Windows & MAC OS )?

Actually you can track all user activities like screenshots of target PC, keystrokes typed by user, application use, view list of installed apps, web mailer spy like yahoo, gmail etc and Skype spy but browser history spy feature is not available for PCs. Screenshot feature overcomes the browsing history feature because in screenshot you can view every activity of target person. Screenshots of web-browser helps you to keep track on websites surfed by the target person.

Mspy Spy App

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