How to Remotely Wipe or Lock an iPhone

How to Remotely Wipe or Lock an iPhone iPad

Normally people don’t think to wipe( reset or format ) or lock an iPhone but in emergency situations it is obligatory to wipe or lock it. Let’s suppose your iPhone has been stolen and it contains sensitive data then there is no other option than wiping it remotely. So there may be some identical reasons which force you to wipe an iPhone and erase all content and settings. That’s why this term linked to your security and protection. The procedure which we are going to spell out is most important for everyone who is serious about his security.

What Information you Required?

It is not similar to sneakily looking into an iPhone but it is the process of completely erasing data ( or completely lock phone in second case ) remotely without touching the target iPhone. There is a modern app which can help you to erase or lock data from the target iPhone. Now come on the main point. The information you need to perform wipe command. Seriously, at the time of wiping you only have to click the wipe-command from the dashboard of given wiping-app.

There are two cases, whether you want to wipe or lock your own iPhone or anyone else’s. If it is your own then we suggest you to install this security app in your iPhone today so that you feel secured every time from any future threat. In future if you lost your iPhone then perform wipe command from the app and erase all data. Also this app can help you to find that lost iPhone. Just go to your online dashboard and track your iPhone.

In the second case, if you are doubtful about any person then you have to install this app in his/her iPhone to check whether your doubt is right or not. By installing you can check target iPhone’s data and then you can perform wipe or lock command as required.

If you only want to sneakily look that iPhone’s data that means you don’t want to perform wipe or lock command then there is a remote way to do this. The thing you need is only Apple ID and password of the target iPhone. Just buy this app, go to your online dashboard and fill the Apple ID credentials. Now your job is done and monitor that iPhone remotely from your dashboard.

Bonus Features:

Get mSpy

Yes you will get plenty of bonus features after installing ( remotely or physically ) this security app. If you chose the remote method then you will get:

  • Contacts / Call log / Events monitoring
  • Text message spy
  • Browser history spy
  • Notes / WiFi networks & all installed apps spy
  • WhatsApp messenger spy

In physical installation method you will get huge list of features, which is:

  • Spy text messages / calls / contacts / emails / events / calendar entries
  • Track GPS location / Geo-fencing
  • Browser history / Saved bookmarks
  • Skype / WhatsApp / iMessages / Viber / Snapchat / Line / Telegram / Tinder / Social networks
  • Control apps & programs installed
  • View pictures and videos saved on device or MMC
  • Remotely wipe or lock phone anytime

Download the App Now:

So with plenty of benefits you should download this app once so that you can enjoy the latest technology available nowadays. Also it increase your grip on your underage children and business. Also it is helpful to sedate your fragile mind. You can save your relationship by discovering the truth behind suspense.

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