How to Read My Girlfriends Whatsapp Messages Without Her Knowing

How to Read My Girlfriends Whatsapp Messages Without Her Knowing
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Whatsapp is a free instant messaging service for smartphones which uses continuous internet connection to deliver text messages, audios, location, GIF, images, contact, voice and video calls. It is available for iOS, Android, Windows mobile, Nokia Symbian and BlackBerry OS. It is one of the most popular instant messenger with 1 billion daily active users.

Note: Before moving ahead, we wanna tell you that spying on someone is not legal without his/her prior consent. So to clear your doubts, we recommend you to take pre permission of your GF / BF to spy on their Whatsapp messages. This is because, the technique we are discussing here is not an illegal one and you should have proper authority to spy on their Whatsapp before using it.

I think it is clear! Now we can move forward:

Why You Need to Spy on Whatsapp Messages of Someone Else?

There are a lot of valid reasons for which you need to spy on someones Whatsapp chat. To clear some doubts in your relationship, spying on Whatsapp may help you to retain your trust on your partner. If you are in doubt about your girlfriend or boyfriend, you have authority to know the truth and you can clear your misunderstandings by peeping into their Whatsapp account.

For a responsible parent, it is necessary to keep track of kids’ activities on internet, and instant messengers give the best report of all activities because in today’s world everyone is hanging on IMs almost all the day. Whatsapp is one of the best instant messenger, and if you can track Whatsapp conversation of your kid, you can track their future activities and even more.

Employee monitoring is one of the real reasons of spying on Whatsapp chat. You have proper authority to track Whatsapp conversation of your employees on a company given cell phone. By doing this, you can track any employee if he/she unveils the confidential data of your company.

So these are the most common reasons, but there may be some other reasons for which you need to keep track on Whatsapp chat of someone else.

Main Aspects of a Whatsapp Spy App

Main Aspects of a Whatsapp Spy App are

There are some required aspects which are necessary for a Whatsapp spy software. This is because when you are trying to spy on somebody, not only Whatsapp chat is the complete evidence but also you require some additional information to clear your doubts. So it implies that there must be some other features which are necessary in a Whatsapp spy solution. These additional features are given below, which you must have while spying on the Whatsapp messenger:

  • Calls / Contacts / SMS spy feature.
  • Listening to live calls and their recording.
  • Listening to surroundings with recording.
  • Spy camera ( remote camera ) feature.
  • Emails / GPS tracking.
  • Internet browsing history spy / Bookmarks / WiFi networks tracking.
  • All instant messengers spy, mainly: Skype, Whatsapp, iMessages, FB messenger, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts, Kik etc.
  • Full control on installed apps.
  • Spy on photos & videos in gallery.
  • Remote control features like: device wipe-out, locking etc.

So these are some extra features which a Whatsapp spy app must have.

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Now Read Girlfriend’s / Boyfriend’s Whatsapp Messages Without them Knowing

To read your girlfriend’s / boyfriend’s Whatsapp chat you need a cell phone spy software. It helps you to spy on instant messenger chats along with above spy features. To track IM chat of your partner, you don’t need to be an expert in technology. You can install mobile spy app without any extra effort, it is like installing any other app in your cell phone. Below we are explaining everything about it:

Topmost Whatsapp Spy Solutions

After research and customers’ reviews, we found only two cell phone spy programs which are best in class. These are:

#1 mSpy Whatsapp Spy App

Read My Girlfriends Whatsapp Messages with mSpy

This is the best economical mobile phone spy app with many unique features like GPS fencing, No-jailbreak solution, remote phone wipe-out & blocking etc. mSpy is one of the famous brands in cell phone spy industry. It attained #1 position 4-5 years ago. It provides 10 day refund policy and free initial installation. It includes more than 25 features and also easily accessible from any browser.

Click Here to Visit mSpy

#2 FlexiSPY Spy Phone App

Read My Girlfriends Whatsapp Messages with FlexiSpy

FlexiSPY is famous for its huge list of features. It provides unique features like live call listening & recording, live surround recording & listening, remote cam, face-time spy cam to capture live videos etc. With this spy app you can spy on almost  every single feature of a cell phone. But it is little bit expensive and doesn’t provide no-jailbreak solution for iPhone/iPad, otherwise it is a complete cell phone spy solution.

Visit FlexiSPY Here

Requirements to Install Whatsapp Spy App

– Physical Access of Target Phone: If you wanna spy an Android OS phone that means target device is an Android phone, physical access is necessary to install spy app in it. They also provide installation help if you feel any difficulty.

– Rooting / Jailbreaking: To spy on Android phones, rooting is necessary that means Android rooting is necessary for target cell phones. In case of iOS devices, jailbreaking also necessary. So you need to jailbreak target iOS device to spy on its instant messenger chat.

Note: There is an alternate solution for those who don’t wanna jailbreak target iPhone/iPad, this solution is called: No-Jailbreak Solution. In this you don’t require physical access of target iOS device and don’t require to jailbreak it. Know more about it here.

The Conclusion

There are two main factors which you may keep in mind while selecting cell phone spy app between these two. First is price and second is required features. If features of mSpy are enough for you, it is the best option with lesser price. Otherwise FlexiSPY is the best option for you. But if you are looking for no-jailbreak solution for a target Apple device, mSpy is the only option. That’s why we always recommend you to choose according to your requirements and budget. Still have any doubt, feel free to contact us through comments.

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