How to Know Who is Chatting with Whom on Whatsapp

How to Know Who is Chatting with Whom on Whatsapp
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how to know who is chatting with whom on whatsapp

Whatsapp was developed by Brian and Jan in 2009. These two persons are former employees of Yahoo and after dropping their job they decided to develop an instant messenger app and named it Whatsapp. This great idea came in their mind when one of them purchased an iPhone and checked its App Store. They knew that App Store would soon create an industry of apps. After this they started working on this instant messenger and launched it in 2009.

With time Whatsapp is increasing its security features and recently it add end to end encryption so that no any third party peep into it. But sometimes we need to spy on someones Whatsapp. There are infinite reasons of spying someones Whatsapp. Parents of underage children are worried about their children being exposed to ruinous activities like: racism, violence etc. Also they want to know with whom are they hanging out? Businessmen need to peep into their employees’ cell phones whether they are working seriously or busy on FB, Twitter, Whatsapp in working hours. Another big concern is your cheating spouse who leaves you astonished. One feel forlorn when get stuck in these circumstances.

Well, in this post you will go through the solutions with the help of which you can retrieve your relations and set your underage children on right track which will help them to make their future bright.

Sedate Your Fidgety Mind!

who is chatting with whom on whatsapp

You need a right app which will give solace to your mind by uncovering the truth. This app should be able to read the text messages and  instant messages of your target’s phone. Also it should notify you about target’s calls, location, social media, emails and other similar stuff. This information about target person will unveil the truth and you can take appropriate step in the future.

Additional Things You Can Spy On

You can track all activities of the target person. Things which you can monitor are:

– Monitor incoming/outgoing calls, emails & contacts

– Monitor SMS and messages from almost all instant messengers like Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, Tinder, iMessage, Snapchat, Viber, Line, Telegram etc.

– Spy on internet uses and bookmark saved.

– Track location of target’s phone with ‘Geo-Fencing’.

– Spy on events and calendar.

– View pictures and videos saved on device.

– Control the apps and programs installed on device.

– Remotely control device and apply commands like remotely wipe-out or locking of device.

Now Download the App to Know Who is Chatting with Whom on Whatsapp

Who is Chatting with Whom on Whatsapp

Now finally the time came to uncover the truths and to know who is chatting with whom on Whatsapp. For this just download the app and become the spy master. Here you are getting a lot of extra features which will help you to take a good decision in your relationship and make crystal clear your kids’ character.

Click Here to Download the App

This Whatsapp spy app has been designed to spy on multiple cell phones but one at a time. If the person which you want to spy on is using an iPhone or iPad ( any model i.e. iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and so on.. ) then task for you is very simple. You require to spy their Apple ID credentials only and rest of work will do this spy program.

After purchasing this app, they will guide you to install it that means they provide initial installation help for free. They are very confident about their product so that they provide 10 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied from their service then they will refund your full money. But it rarely happened or you can say it never happened. This is the reason why they became world famous brand in spy software industry.


This application is compatible with a wide range of cell phones. All iOS and Android cell phones can be monitor with this spy program. That means all apple devices ( including iPhone 4 to iPhone 7 and all iPads ) and all Android cellphones of any manufacturer can be spied with this software.

To spy on the target person you will have to open your online dashboard and this dashboard is accessible from any cell phone which have browser and from every laptop or PC. So in compatibility section we only check the compatibility of the target cell phone not of the cell phone which you possess.

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