How to Install mSpy on iPhone Without Jailbreak

How to Install mSpy on iPhone Without Jailbreak
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mSpy is a cell phone and computer parental control & employee monitoring software for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. This software is built to monitor smartphone, tablet and computer usage of the target person. You can monitor smartphone activities of your employee or kid like videos, images, GPS location, text messages, calls etc.

mSpy – a Short Intro

Myspy ( or mSpy ) is a London based tech company and launched first version of smartphone monitoring software in 2010. In 2012, they allowed parents to monitor smartphones and computers of their kids. Android and iOS running smartphones can be monitored with mSpy and in case of computers it supports Microsoft Windows and macOS. Its user count crossed 1.5 million in current year and people in more than 205 countries are using it. Leading mSpy markets include USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Australia.

3 Steps to Install mSpy on iPhone Without a Jailbreak ( i.e. Remotely )

How to Install mSpy on iPhone Without Jailbreak

You can monitor an iPhone or iPad remotely with the help of mSpy spy phone app. In this procedure you don’t need physical access of target iOS device and don’t require to jailbreak it that’s why it is called “mSpy No-Jailbreak Solution”. There are three simple steps by which you can track that device remotely and get their personal information on your mSpy-dashboard anytime.

No-jailbreak solution is compatible with all versions of iOS. First of all you need to purchase this no-jailbreak solution of mSpy. After placing a successful order, you will get an email in your provided email address. In this email, you will be provided by:

Order Information:

  1. Order date: Date of purchase
  2. Reference number: Unique number provided by mSpy
  3. Link to login to control panel:
  4. Username: Your Email ID
  5. Password: Random password

After that, it is very simple task to set up it and we are describing it in following steps. Let’s begin:

1. Get Credentials

To use this solution, you need to get iCloud credentials of target iOS device. I think it is not a hard task because you oftenly know the iCloud credentials ( Apple ID & password ) of your kids or loved ones. So you can easily get them. Now log on to your control panel, and signin with provided username & password ( given by mSpy in email ).

2. Select Features

mSpy No Jailbreak - Platform Selection

After login, a setup screen will appear. Here you select platform among Android, iPhone, iPhone ( jailbreak ), PC etc. Clearly you will select iPhone ( jailbreak ). Then it will ask for Apple ID and password. Fill Apple credentials of target iOS device and click verify button and then finish. Now you have to select features which you want to track among the given list of features. For a no-jailbreak solution, list of features is not big. Followings are the features which you will get in this solution:

  • Contacts: Monitor all contacts on monitored user’s phone
  • Call Logs: Spy all incoming and outgoing call logs on target device.
  • Text Messages: Read all text messages sent or received by monitored user.
  • Browser History: View complete history of web browser of target person.
  • Events & Notes: Spy all events and notes made on iPhone or iPad.
  • Whatsapp: Monitor all Whatsapp messages on that iOS device.
  • WiFi Networks: You can get accurate device coordinates by collecting information about each hotspot to which target device connected.
  • Installed Apps: View all installed apps on target iPhone / iPad including social apps, games and everything else.

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3. Start Monitoring

Congrats, setup has finished. Now you will be automatically moved to your dashboard. Also you can manually visit it here: Fill username and password and enjoy safe mSpy without jailbreak remote tracking. I think it is not a hard task to setup no-jailbreak solution of mspy, but following things you should keep in mind :

Note: If target user’s iCloud backup is set to off, you will require physical access of that iOS device to activate its iCloud backup. Second most important thing is that no-jailbreak solution depends on iCloud backup which synchronized after every 24 hours. So your online dashboard will not instantly updated, it will updated after every 24 hours.

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Why You Need mSpy

Exactly what is the need of this monitoring software? Why you want to spy personal information of someone else? This is a very good question and we are explaining its answer here. Actually, being a responsible parent you should keep an eye on your underage children because smartphones they are using may act as an angel as well as devil at the same time. Also you can’t let them without cell phones because they are necessity in today’s world. So the only solution to protect your kids from online threats is to peep into their smartphones to keep a strict eye on their online and offline activities.

mSpy - The Best Parental Control Software

Here, mSpy is one of the world’s best parental control apps and allows you to protect your kids by spying their online activities. Also it act as an employee monitoring software which enables you to keep track of your employees’ smartphones ( company given ) to safeguard the confidential data of company. It also act as your virtual assistant when you are not in office. So there are a lot of similar reasons for which you should use this monitoring software.

Is it Safe to Use?

It is a genuine app and 100% safe to use. All of your data on their server is fully confidential. They use secure protocol while logging in so your username and password also fully protected along with data of monitored device. They are also approved by:

– Credit card safe security metrics

– kidSAFE


So you are totally safe while purchasing and using this monitoring program.

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How Does mSpy Works?

How mSpy Works

This is the most obvious question comes in everyone’s mind “how it works”. Actually it can be placed in target smartphone by two ways: remotely ( as explained in this article ) and physically. In remote method it pulls data from target device after every 24 hours and saved it to their server and you can check it from your dashboard.

In second method i.e. physical installation method, you placed it in the target device by physical installation and it instantly starts pulling data from target phone and uploads to mSpy server. It allows you to instantly check data of monitored device anytime. Also in this method, number of features are more than the remote method.

Can’t Wait? Get it Now

It is available for smartphones and desktops. For smartphones ( Android and iOS ) it offers two subscriptions namely basic and premium. Basic subscription covers only basic features and premium covers all of the features. For desktop there is only a basic subscription is available. Also they offer bundle kit and family kit for those who need protection for their complete family or office.

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