How to Install mSpy on an Android Phone

How to Install mSpy on an Android Phone
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How to Install mSpy on an Android Phone

mSpy is a smartphone and computer monitoring software designed to suits your familial and corporate needs at an affordable price. It is designed for parents and businessmen to monitor smartphones and computers of their children and employees respectively. It provides more security to your underage kids as well as to your business. You can instantly track anyone with mSpy from its online control panel. Each activity of target person gets instantly updated on your control panel. If you need to monitor smartphone or computer of someone else, it is the best in class monitoring solution. To know more, read user review of mSpy here.

Here we are providing you complete process of installing it on an Android phone of any manufacturer. Let’s begin:

How to Install mSpy on Target Android Phone


First of all we will collect all information and tools used in installation because it is not a simple app which you can install from Android Play Store. To install it you need some extra efforts and we are here to provide you everything.

  1. Physical Access:

If you are wishing to track an Android OS phone, physical access is necessary to install mSpy. It provides a remote installation method for iPhone and iPad but there is no any remote way to install it on an Android phone. So if anyone claims to install it on an Android phone remotely, he is a liar. You don’t require target device for a long time for installation, it only takes 5-10 minutes in installation depending upon your internet speed.

  1. Rooting:

People without technical background think that it is a headache to root an Android device. But rooting is not necessary to install mSpy on target phone. Yes it’s true, that means you can directly install it on target phone. Without rooting you can spy on target Android device completely except instant messengers. That means to monitor instant messengers on target phone rooting is necessary. So If you don’t require to spy on IMs, you can directly install mSpy without rooting the phone.

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  1. Continuous Internet Connection:

When you will install mSpy on target Android phone, it should be connected continuously with internet. No issue whether it is connected to WiFi or cellular internet. In case of cellular internet, it should be 3G or 4G, it will help you to download and install software on target phone rapidly. On a 2G network, it will take some extra time.

6 Easy Steps to Install mSpy on an Android Device

#1 Purchase mSpy for Smartphones

You have collected all data and other necessary things required in installation. Now this is the first and main step i.e. purchasing of suitable mSpy subscription for you. For smartphones there are two subscriptions namely Basic & Premium. In premium you will get more than 30 features, which is a huge list and you can spy on every move of the target person. In basic subscription, you won’t get Geo-fencing, IMs spy, Remote Commands like blocking & wiping and WiFi network spy. According to us, if you wish to spy on non-rooted device, basic subscription is good for you otherwise you should select premium. But final decision is always yours.

Check and Compare Both Subscriptions Here

#2 Open Your Email

After placing a successful order, you will get emails by mSpy containing login info of your online control panel, registration code, downloading link and control panel link. After purchase if you won’t get email in 1-2 minutes, check your spam folder because sometimes email may deliver there. These mails are the confirmation of your successful purchase. So everything which is required in installation is in your hands. Move to next step now.

Note: When you login to your control panel, choose Android and there you will find complete instructions to install it. Click Here to view live demo of control panel.

#3 Check Unknown Sources

Now go to settings of target phone. Somewhere in “settings>privacy” you will find an options named “ Unknown Sources “. You have to enable this option by checking it. Actually it controls the installation of any app on your device from outside the Android play store. It should be checked if you wish to install any software which is not available on app store.

Check Unknown Sources - Android

#4 Now Download

It is the main step of installation process. In received emails from mSpy, you should have a download link which enables you to download this spy app. It may be something like: Open the browser of target cell phone and type that download url in address bar. It will ask for captcha code and download will start automatically.

#5 Installation

Downloaded file will be shown in the upper address bar of phone. Tap on that file and then tap install button. Then there may be a warning of risk, but check ‘I Understand Risk’ and tap install anyway.

mSpy Install Steps - Install Anyway

After that, there will appear mSpy Licence Agreement screen, Accept terms and conditions. This step leads you to “Update Service Screen”, tap on ‘Activate’

mSpy Installation Guide - Update Service Screen

After that, there is a main step, in this it will ask you to hide or show mSpy icon on screen of target phone. So here you can hide icon from home screen of that phone.

mSpy Installation - Show or Hide Icon

Now you will reach to second last step, it will ask you for ‘Registration Code’. This code provided to you at the time of purchase in your email. So type it here and tap “Complete Registration” button. Congrats you have finished installation.

mSpy Android Installation guide - Enter Reg Code

#6 Finish Setup

Now login to your mSpy online control panel: Here you have to give a name to target phone and its number, Now click on finish. Congrats! Now you are ready to monitor target phone from your online control panel.

This control panel or mSpy dashboard can be accessible from any smartphone, desktop, laptop or tab. Therefore you can spy on target person from anywhere anytime.

Note: After installation we recommend you to delete mSpy file from download folder, it will be safe for you.

Visit Official mSpy Website Here

Below are some frequently asked questions which may clear some of your doubts before purchasing and installing mSpy:

Q. Is mSpy Undetectable?

A. As shown above, it gives a chance to hide itself from home screen. So it will not show on home screen of cell phone. Also in installed app list it doesn’t show with the name ‘mSpy’. It just run as a process of OS. So target person can’t find it in his phone and it works smoothly with OS which results no slow down and no heating of phone.

Q. Does mSpy Work Worldwide?

A. Yes, it works worldwide and 24/7. The only thing which is required after placing it in target phone is continuous internet connection. After installation, it immediately starts pulling data from device and uploads to its server and you can check it from your control panel.

Q. Which Android Devices are Supported?

A. All Android OS devices which are running on Android 4+ are supported.

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