How to Find & Remove Spyware From Your Phone

How to Detect & Remove Spyware on iPhone & Android

If you have a gut feeling that someone’s snooping around you then you should check your cell phone once. There may present a spyware in your phone. Spyware is a software which can be installed on the target cell phone remotely. It gathers information about a person and send to another entity without consumer’s consent. Clearly it is illegal and harmful. But you can secure yourself by detecting and removing any spyware from your phone. Here is the complete guide.

How to Detect Spyware on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Nokia Phone?

If there are some sudden changes in your phone’s behavior there may present a spyware in it. These unusual behaviors are:

Battery Draining Faster ( when not in use ):

If battery of your cell phone running down faster than normal, it is a strong indication that there may present a spyware in it.

Strange Noise While Making or Receiving Calls

Spy software listen and record your calls so if there is an unusual sound while making or receiving calls then it also indicates the presence of spyware.

Phone Heat Up ( when not in use )

Since cell spy programs work on background and use your phone’s hardware & OS to capture and send information. This feature of spy programs make them to use phone’s resources and it causes processor heat up.

Random Start or Shutdown

If your cell phone starts and shut down randomly 2-3 times in a day, it’s a possibility of spyware in your phone.

Receiving Unusual Texts

Often spy programs use text messages to trigger a special task like remote camera or surround recording. So receiving unusual text messages is a strong indication of spyware.

Increased Data Uses

Since these programs use your internet data to send and receive information from their server, it causes these programs dependent on your internet connectivity. When you connect your phone to internet they immediate start working which causes higher internet data consumption. So you may detect their presence by higher data uses.

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How to Remove?

How to Detect Spy Software

If you are confirmed that a spyware is present in your cell phone then you may apply following procedure to remove spyware. Also these commands are applied on any cell phone to make them more secure.

Factory Data Reset

It is an easy way to remove any type of spy program from your cell phone. This feature is available in all cell phone manufacturers including Apple, Android phones, BlackBerry and Nokia. You can reset your cell phone manually. Also you may contact local dealer if you face any problem.

You need to take backup of your cell phone data before resetting. After resetting phone will come in the position as it was when you purchased it. So to avoid data loss backup is necessary.

Update Operating System

If you are not comfortable in resetting your phone then you may update OS. Updating operating system can stop the working of spy software because they are specific in working with different operating systems. Yet it can’t remove spyware from your phone but it can stop its working. So this is a useful step to avoid any surveillance.

Security Tips to Protect Your Phone

Change Login Credentials: After resetting, change login credentials ( Apple ID & password in iPhone, Blackberry ID & password in BB phone or Google ID & password in Android phone ) of your cell phone immediately.

Use in-Built Password Feature: All phones have their own internal password feature and you should use it to make your phone secure.

Use Security App: You may use any security app from app-store that can keep your phone protected from spyware.

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  1. I have been hacked by the same guy on 3 different devices 2 carriers he gets in befor I can set up phone I’ve gone threw 3 phones less than 2 months he will lock me out turn data off block me until app lock is unlocked he won’t stop he was a roommate I caught using my account with his burn phone how do I stop him

  2. Hello Mr. Sharma and thank you for your informative post. I have had my same phone number for over 10 years and this person continues to use it. I frequently get phone calls meant for him in the middle of thenight and though ive changed phones many times as well as carriers, done countless updates to my operating system and changed my apple password as well as phone password, he continues to receive calls to my number. Can i stop him? Is it also possible for him to manipulate my phone settings remotely? And what legal recourse is there in cases like this?
    Thank you in advanced for any and all assistance.
    Best regards

  3. My complete phone was hacked by a family member so I keep backup of some important things n format n reset my phone.. New whtspp account n password for email changed. Is it possible for him to have access to my phone even now.. How can I know which information do he have & how can I prevent being missused.. M really afraid..

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment.

      Most probably it’s not possible for him to get access of your phone. Put a different password and passcode on your phone for better security.

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