6 thoughts on “How to Download, Install and Use Mobistealth

  1. Hello , do I need password for id or phone to install mobistealth on iPhone 6 without physical access? Thanx

  2. I’m little confused
    Do I need password of Apple id ?
    Do I need password of the phone ?

    Thanks Ankit for replying .

  3. Hi Ankit!

    I really want to buy this soft ware to install in a black berry phone. Would I need to know what type of black berry it is or would the software be able to be used on any black berry?

    2. The installation has to be easy and quick for me, and it seemed easy when I read it. However, I got a little confused. Based on the following on the site instructions:

    “Now borrow the target cell phone for 5 minutes and open internet browser in that cell phone. After that open your email ID and open the mail which contains download link. Click on that mail and download will start immediately”.

    QUESTION; How can the software be downloaded on the target’s phone just by me opening MY email ID of the email that was sent to me from mobisteath? How does clicking download on that email on my computer trigger it to be downloaded on the person’s phone? Maybe I need to give the target phone number to Mobiesteath when I buy the package, then they connect to the number via that download email?

    1. Hi Annie

      This software works on all BlackBerry phones except Z10 and Q10. So first of all confirm that target phone shouldn’t be Z10 or Q10. ( target phone is that phone which you wish to spy on )

      After that you have to logon to Mobistealth.com from your personal cell phone & buy Mobistealth. After successful purchase they will send you an email with a link ( link to download Mobistealth ).

      Now you have to borrow target BlackBerry phone for 5-10 minutes. Go to its browser, open your email account ( gmail, yahoo etc which you gave during Mobistealth purchse ) and open that mail which contains link, click on the link, and software download starts immediately.

      So during installation you need target BlackBerry phone in your hands for 5-10 minutes.

      Still having any doubt, don’t hesitate to comment again. Thank you

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