FlexiSPY App Reviews 2018 for iPhone, Android, Nokia, BlackBerry

FlexiSPY App Reviews 2018 for iPhone, Android, Nokia, BlackBerry
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FlexiSPY is the #1 professional grade monitoring software available for Android, iOS, Nokia Symbian, BlackBerry OS, Windows PC and macOS. They launched first mobile phone monitoring software in the year 2006 for Nokia Symbian only but after that they won the faith of customers by satisfying their needs and became one of the market leaders in cell phone spy industry. Now they are offering monitoring software for desktops also, and we are also reviewing it below.

As compared to last year, they add some more features in the same budget. Here we are going to discuss all features, compatibility, working, detectability, stealthiness, customers’ feedback, price, comparison with other apps and everything else you need to know before purchasing. Let’s start now..

FlexiSPY Reviews 2018 for iPhone, Android, Nokia, BlackBerry and PC

First of all we are going to clear some of your doubts about this app. Basically what purpose this app is made for? and its reliability, permissions required, constraints etc.

What It is Designed for?

It is a monitoring software designed to monitor smartphones or desktops of your children, employees or loved ones with proper authority. They don’t recommend you to illegally peep into someone’s device without his/her consent. Also check your local laws and its terms of use before purchasing. If all of these things are cleared, you can download, install and use it. It is a reliable software and keeps all of your information secret from the outside world.

Nowadays smartphones are the requirement of everyone either kids or adults. If you have an underage kid and he is using social media or other internet things, it is necessary to protect him from online threats. Kids don’t have much reasoning power to deal with these internet monsters so it is duty of parents to provide a safe environment to them. If you install this monitoring app on their smartphones, you will get every update from it e.g. their location, social media, calls, instant messengers etc. This way you can increase their security and keep an eye on them every time.

For a productive business it is necessary to give it full time, only then your employees give full output. But for some business reasons you may have to go out of town or sometimes out of country. In this situation any fraudulent employee may leak your confidential data to competitors or do anything else like this. But suppose you have installed this desktop monitoring software on all of the desktops, you will get detail of every activity on your online dashboard. This way your business also safe and will be more productive.

In case of cheating spouse it is a great remedy. In doubtfulness, you can clear all of your doubts and can make your relationship stronger. So these are the few examples for what this app is made for. Similarly you can use this modern technology for more benefits.

FlexiSPY Compatible Smartphones & Computers

Here is the list of all devices which are compatible with this monitoring software.

  • Android smartphones and tablets of all manufactures
  • All iPhones and iPads
  • BlackBerry OS phones
  • Nokia Symbian Anna & Symbian Belle smartphones
  • Microsoft Windows PC & Laptops
  • Macintosh Operating System by Apple

Now we are going to talk about compatibility, working and features of this software on each compatible device, let’s start:

iPhone & iPad

This app supports all iPhones and iPads running on iOS 9.1 and lower. That means no higher version of iOS 9.1 is supported instead of iOS 10.2 ( semi-jailbreak is available for this ). To install FlexiSPY on target iOS device physical access is necessary. If your device is not compatible with this app, they will return your money.


iPhone iPad - FlexiSPY Features

Android Phone & Tablet

It supports Android phones and tablets of all manufacturers running on OS 4.0.3 – 7.1.1. Physical access to the target device is necessary for installation. There is no any remote way to install it on an Android device. All features are available on rooted Android device only, in case of non-rooted Android phone instant messengers can’t be monitored.

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FlexiSPY Features for Rooted & Unrooted Android Devices

Android Features FlexiSPY

Windows and macOS

It is well compatible with Microsoft and macOS computers. In case of Windows, it supports version Win 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, and in case of Macintosh it supports Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and macOS Sierra. You require physical access of both to install FlexiSPY with Admin level access ( username & password ). Device must be internet enabled for real time tracking.

Features for Windows & macOS
  • Read all instant messengers chat and emails
  • Monitor browser activities
  • Monitor all keystrokes and file transfer
  • Track bandwidth activities
  • USB activity tracking and login activities
  • Screenshots
  • Remotely uninstall software
  • Hide from start menu, system tray & task manager
  • Secure from being uninstalled
  • Monitor print jobs

BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian Smartphones

This is the only reliable monitoring solution which currently available for Nokia and BlackBerry smartphones. It supports BlackBerry devices running on BB OS 5.0 to 7.1 and Nokia Symbian Anna and Belle OS.

Features for BlackBerry and Nokia Smartphones

If you wish to spy on BlackBerry phone, you can use all features offered to Android phones ( check the list above ) except MMS spy, phone surrounding recording, spy cam and installed apps. Except these 4 features, you can use all of the features offered.

In case of Nokia Symbian phones, you can use all of the features which are offered to an Android device.

How Long Does it Take to Install FlexiSPY

It is true that you need physical access of target device to install it. There is no any bypass for installation. While downloading and installing we recommend you to use a WiFi or 3G/4G cellular internet connection. In this way, it will hardly take 5 – 10 minutes in downloading and installation either on Android device, iOS device or desktop. When you purchase any subscription, they will email you complete user guide and also they provide initial installation help for free.

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How Does it Work?

There are 4 simple steps which explain this process. These are:

  1. First of all you purchase a license from their website
  2. Install it on target device in 5 minutes ( they provide initial installation help )
  3. All data get captured instantly and send to their server
  4. Login to your online FlexiSPY web account and monitor target device

Is FlexiSPY Detectable?

It is up to you, that means after installation they ask you whether to hide it from home screen or not. If you opt for ‘hide’, nobody can find it in target phone. In task manager and installed apps it can’t be find. So you can say it is completely undetectable smartphone and PC monitoring app.

FlexiSPY vs Other Cell Phone Spy Apps

It is the only spy app which offers more than 60 features and can spy all of the major operating systems. Most of monitoring apps are available for only iOS and Android and hardly offer 20-25 spy features. But in case of this monitoring app, you feel ahead of all. Also they immediately refund your money if you will not satisfied with this app. Following are the unique features which are only offered by it:

  • Send spoof SMS
  • QQ and Hike instant messenger spy
  • Listen and record live, Skype and VOIP calls
  • Listen and record phone surroundings
  • Screenshots
  • Take pictures and record videos using camera ( remote cam feature )
  • Call specific contacts & alert wizard
  • Keystroke recording to get usernames and passwords of all accounts ( like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc )
  • Completely hidden and undetectable
  • They provide a paid installation service, in which they help you to jailbreak and root target device

So these are the unique features offered by it and very useful while targeting your loved ones and business partners.

How Much Does it Cost?

For Smartphones:

For all smartphones it is available in two subscriptions, namely Premium and Extreme. Let’s check their price:


1 Month Subscription:       $68

3 Months Subscription:      $99

12 Months Subscription:  $149


3 Months Subscription:   $199

12 Months Subscription: $349

For Windows PC and macOS:

There is only subscription for computers and it costs:

1 Month:       $68

3 Months:     $99

12 Months: $149

Visit FlexiSPY Official Website to Buy it Now

What Should You Keep in Mind?

We want to clear that there are some requirements which should be fulfilled before using this monitoring app. These are:

  • Target iOS device should be jailbroken
  • Rooting is not necessary for Android devices but spy on instant messengers needs rooting
  • Physical access of the target device is necessary to install this spy software
  • Continuous internet connection also required to install it and to get instant reporting after installation

What if Target Phone Doesn’t Support ‘or’ any other Similar Issue?

If your target device is not fully compatible or you are facing any other issue while installing or using it, they will refund your money. FlexiSPY offers a 10 day refund policy, you can check their official website for refund policy terms and conditions. Go to Homepage > Buy Now and there on bottom you will find the refund policy terms.

FlexiSPY Refund Policy

FlexiSPY Users’ Reviews for iPhone, Android and Other Devices

FlexiSPY Verified Customer Reviews

There are 106 reviews from all verifies customers and they gave a total rating 9.4 out of 10. You can check all reviews by customers and also give your own if you tried it. After using this app and reading all reviews, we concluded the following positive and negative points:

  • Well compatible with all devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, PC etc but gives the best results for iPhone, Android and desktops
  • Plenty of features, and all features work well as explained by them
  • Spy call, remote cam, surround listening and recording, screenshots are some extraordinary features
  • Good customer support and installation help service also fine
  • Refund policy also fine, as some customers easily got refund
  • No-jailbreak solution should be there ( but FlexiSPY is not in favour of no-jailbreak solution because it doesn’t give a good output, it doesn’t work continuously )
  • There is no any basic subscription which is available on a low price, sometimes customers don’t wanna spend $68

Where to Buy?

If you have completely overviewed the software by this review and now want to purchase it, go to their Homepage and click Buy Now. You can pay through PayPal, MasterCard, VISA card, Maestro, VISA Electron, Discover, Wire Transfer and many more. At the time of purchase you can add installation service for mobile which gives you a worry free installation and jailbreaking / rooting guide.

Click Here to Buy Now

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