Cell Phone Spy Software Comparison – mSpy Vs MobiStealth Vs Highster Mobile

In spite of the fact that a big number of Smartphone monitoring apps are available in market — the reason is indeed the increasing influence of Smartphones in everyday life of human beings —, you may have ended up in a confusion between three popular Smartphone monitoring solutions — mSpy, Mobistealth & Highster Mobile. In this post, with an intention of helping you choose better, we’re here with a comparison between mSpy, Mobistealth and Highster Mobile. So, shall we start our journey to explore features and other aspects of these Smartphone monitoring solutions, and in turn make a sensible choice?

mSpy Vs Mobistealth Vs Highster Mobile – an Introduction

mSpy, Mobistealth and HighSter Mobile Comparison

mSpy is a fully-fledged Smartphone monitoring solution that combines a number of impressive features with a truly intuitive User Interface that makes sense. Also known as My Spy, it is a popular name when it comes to spying on the popular Smartphone platforms.

As we said, Mobistealth is a Smartphone monitoring solution that has been available in industry and has received an impressive set of reviews from users. This tool has been featured on popular media such as PCWorld for its awesome performance when it comes to tracking Smartphones.

Highster Mobile, on the other hand, is a bit new to the industry but has stunning features along with typical features that you would expect in a Smartphone monitoring solution. This too has been, so far, able to satisfy users and that’s one of the reasons why Highster Mobile has become a noticeable rival of the formerly mentioned solution.

mSpy, Mobistealth and Highster Mobile – Compatibility

mSpy Mobistealth Highster mobile Compatibility

As of now, mSpy is available only for iOS and Android Smartphones out there in market. If you have an iPad / iPhone running on iOS 6 or later versions, you can install mSpy in the device and start monitoring. It has to be noted that it’s not necessary to jailbreak your device. Also you don’t require physical access of iPhone or iPad. But you should have Apple ID and password of the target iPhone / iPad. In case of Android, mSpy requires the device to run Android v4.0 or later and it is required to root your Smartphone if you need to spy Instant Messages. Altogether, mSpy will work smooth with almost every popular device.

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When it comes to the case of compatibility, Mobistealth is available for four platforms — Android, iOS, Symbian and BlackBerry. The tool offers support for all Android devices from different manufacturers like Samsung, LG & Google! when it comes to the case of iOS, you can track any iPhone, regardless the iOS version. Here you don’t require Jailbreaking and also physical access of target iPhone not necessary. But you require Apple ID and password of that iPhone in case of Non-Jailbreaking-Solution. One of the noticeable things about Mobistealth is that it does not want your Android phone to have root access in order to monitor it.

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Coming to the next tool, Highster Mobile, it might disappoint you a bit when talking about compatibility. Unlike we’d seen in the case of Mobistealth, Highster Mobile is available only for iPhone and Android. While Highster Mobile can run on any iOS device, regardless carrier and OS version, it supports all Android devices from various manufacturers. In addition, however, it has to be noted that you have to root or jail break your Android Smartphone or iOS device in order to get the maximum out of Highster Mobile Smartphone monitoring.

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Coming to a verdict, in terms of compatibility and easiness of installation, we would have to prefer Mobistealth while reminding you something — the less effort you take, less results you get.

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Pricing – mSpy, Mobistealth & Highster Mobile

mSpy does not change pricing plans according to the platform, but if you purchase mSpy for Smartphones, you’ll be able to spy both iOS devices and Android Smartphones. It has two plans — Basic & Premium. The basic plan can be grabbed by paying around $30 and the Premium plan wants you to pay around $53. We’d say mSpy is affordable.

Probably because Mobistealth has to compromise features as it varies between different platforms and device, you’ll have different plans to choose when it comes to Mobistealth. All these plans are available at a rate of $79.99 (we’ve considered the version that offers all features claimed by Mobistealth). It has to be noted that when you purchase a license key, you can monitor devices running on the particular platform only.

Highster Mobile, however, has a single plan that gives access to both iOS & Android monitoring at once. When you’d purchase the plan, you get an opportunity to enjoy all the features of Highster Mobile Smartphone monitoring if you are ready to pay an amount of $69.99. Apart from this, Highster Mobile offers almost same tracking features in both iOS and Android, satisfying both users.

Considering this, we would say that Highster Mobile is better if you are a bit more concerned about budget as well as whether you will be able to use the solution in different devices with different platforms.

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Features – What You Can Track – mSpy Vs Mobistealth Vs Highster Mobile

mSpy Mobistealth Highster Mobile Features

You might also know that both services offer an extremely huge number of features in terms of tracking. So, we are not going to do a direct comparison of both. Instead, we will check out tracking features of Mobistealth and Highster Mobile in some particular sections, you would consider important.

  • Chat & IM Tracking

Chat and IM Tracking section includes support for tracking messages and other stuff, such as media, from a number of IM solutions. The list includes Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Social Network, Snapchat, Viber and Line. Well, as you know, iMessage work on iPhone.

Once you have installed Mobistealth on a device, you will have access to Blackberry Messenger , MSN, Skype, Yahoo and WhatsApp chat that are made through the Smartphone. The support may vary according to platforms but only 5 IM services are supported by Mobistealth.

Highster Mobile has taken a bit different method when it comes to IM tracking, by ignoring the no-longer-used ones and prioritising new-gen ones. As of now, you can use Highster Mobile to track WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Twitter, FB and Instagram along with Skype. Altogether, you can have a brief idea about the targeted user’s IM activities at once.

  • Text Messages & Calls

Call and Messages section of mSpy is quite impressive, we bet. When it comes to spying on Call Logs, you can get lots of information such as time of the call, duration of call, name of receiver’s name, etc. Well, you don’t have to jail break your device in order to get Call Log data. In the same section, you have an option to restrict incoming calls that are from particular numbers.

Mobistealth lets you track SMSs that have been sent and received using the targeted device. Not only brief details but also other stuff such sender or receivers name, content of SMS etc can be tracked using this section. However, it does not offer support for call logging.

Highster Mobile is better when it comes to Text Messages and Calls, because you can get to know details about SMSs even when letting you have a clear idea about calls that have been received using device. It’s a great deal, we hope.

Along with these, Highster Mobile has some additional features – which can use your device camera to capture surroundings, without letting the user know, iMessage tracking in iPhone etc. So, when we are supposed to give a verdict on feature aspect of both devices, we have enough reasons to prefer Highster Mobile to the other. We would not mind rooting the targeted device if the tracking is so effective.

If you don’t want to root your android device then Mobistealth is the best option.

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If you have an iPhone and don’t want to jailbreak it then mSpy also a good option.

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User Interface – mSpy Vs Mobistealth Vs Highster Mobile

In terms of user interface, there is a tie between mSpy, Highster Mobile and Mobistealth, as all three solutions offer dashboard that can let us have a clear idea about what the targeted user is doing in the being-tracked device. So, we would give no verdict on this. You can choose accordingly.

Have a look of Comparison Table once

The Final Verdict ( Most Important )

Having a look on all these sections, you can go with Mobistealth if you need support for Blackberry and Symbian, in spite of less number of features that are present. On the other hand, mSpy is a blend of affordable pricing and impressive features. You can have awesome features, which are not available in Mobistealth or the Highster Mobile and therefore you can go with mSpy if target cell phone is an iPhone or Android phone.

So, if we have a choice, we would go with mSpy, at least while considering the lower pricing and exciting features. It also works without rooting and jailbreaking.

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