How to Tape Someone Else’s Mobile Phone Calls

How to Tape Others Mobile Phone Calls Stealthily

Taping the cell phone calls is not a painless task if you don’t have knowledge of latest technology. Some developers are regularly working in this field to make it easy for those people who need to tape someone’s mobile phone calls for legitimate reasons only. To make it simple, designers of the world famous cell phone spy app FlexiSPYadded this exciting feature to their app. Now it is easy for every needy parent, businessman or spouse to tape mobile calls of their kid, employee or partner to clear their doubts. Here we are explaining the complete process in steps: (more…)

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How to Know Who is Chatting with Whom on Whatsapp

how to know who is chatting with whom on whatsapp

Whatsapp was developed by Brian and Jan in 2009. These two persons are former employees of Yahoo and after dropping their job they decided to develop an instant messenger app and named it Whatsapp. This great idea came in their mind when one of them purchased an iPhone and checked its App Store. They knew that App Store would soon create an industry of apps. After this they started working on this instant messenger and launched it in 2009. (more…)

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How to Remotely Wipe or Lock an iPhone

How to Remotely Wipe or Lock an iPhone iPad

Normally people don’t think to wipe( reset or format ) or lock an iPhone but in emergency situations it is obligatory to wipe or lock it. Let’s suppose your iPhone has been stolen and it contains sensitive data then there is no other option than wiping it remotely. So there may be some identical reasons which force you to wipe an iPhone and erase all content and settings. That’s why this term linked to your security and protection. The procedure which we are going to spell out is most important for everyone who is serious about his security. (more…)

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How to Spy on Someone’s Browsing History

How to Spy on Someone's Browsing History

Browsing history is the mirror image of target person’s imaginations and thinking. Doctors mostly browse medical website, similarly engineers browse technical website. By seeing the browser’s history you can judge anyone’s mind waves. If you want to know what type of websites your underage children surf then you have to spy on their browser’s history. It is a simple task now. You need not to do anything technical to spy on browser history. Here we will explain everything but first of all we will try to answer a simple question ‘why we need to spy on browsing history of someone’s cell phone or PC’. (more…)

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How to Hack an iPhone Remotely – Without any Software

iPhone Hack

Now you can keep tabs on the online/offline activities of kids and employees without installing any software. It has gotten even simpler as jailbreak is not required to log into someone’s iPhone/iPad. Now you can hack iOS 9 and higher versions without touching target Apple device. You don’t need to be master in technology to hack into someone’s Apple device. You can log into any Apple device remotely from anywhere. (more…)

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Can Someone Hack into My Phone Without Touching it?

Stealth Review

The short answer of this question is ‘Yes’. There are a lot of unfair means by which anyone can hack into your cell phone. If you are careless about your phone then it is very easy for hackers to gain full access of your cell phone. Here we are providing a complete guide which contains how to know hackers’ activities on your phone and get rid of them. Also we will try to make you understand with the process ‘hacking’. (more…)

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