Top 3 Mobile Phone Spy Apps Reviewed

If you want to purchase a cell phone, you can blindly trust on Apple because of its reputation and favorable reviews. But in case of mobile spy app, there is a different scenario. There should be a perfect app which you can buy without hesitation. It is impossible without users’ reviews so here we are listing top three spy programs based on users’ reviews from which you can choose one according to your needs and budget. Monitoring apps which have been performed great in the year 2017 are listed here to choose from.


Here we listed only three spy programs from a big list. It was very difficult to filter these apps but some users helped us and made it simpler for us. Rest of work done by our specialists who made great efforts to contact customers and took their viewpoints.

#1 mSpy ( for iOS / Android / Windows & MAC OS )

mSpy App 2017-18

For a long time, mSpy is continuously the most  popular monitoring app among users. In this time it won many awards for helping parents to stop cyber bullying and for helping businessmen to grow their businesses. You can monitor any iPhone, Android phone, Windows PC and MAC OS PCs. So it can monitor your children at home ( when they are on PC ) as well as when they are outside ( when they are using their cell phone). You can also manage your business when you are out of office. Everything surfed and stored on PCs of your office will be instantly provided to you by mSpy.

What Can You Monitor?

If you have installed this spy program on a cell phone, following are the monitoring features:

Rooting / Jailbreaking is not necessary.

Monitoring on Calls / SMS / Emails / Contacts / Calendar activities.

Current GPS location of the person along with Geo-Fencing.

Spy on browsing history / website bookmarks and you can block some specific websites.

Keep monitoring Wi-Fi networks and search for specific keywords.

Monitor all famous instant messengers like: Skype, Whatsapp, iMessage, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts and all social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Control, check or block installed apps and programs / monitor all text entered on device by keylogger feature.

You can check all multimedia files stores in device gallery like photos and videos.

It allows you to perform some remote functions like remote wipe-out and remote blocking of the target device.

Check additional device info along with control panel of that device.

Also it allows you to generate comprehensive reports based on different input values.

It offers 10 day refund policy from the date of purchase.

Most amazing feature offered by mSpy is its No-Jailbreak solution. This is available only for Apple devices. In this case you just need Apple ID and password of the targeted Apple device and nothing else that means no physical access of the device is needed. Know more about this here.

Visit Their Official Website Here

#2 FlexiSPY – a Popular Spy Phone App

FlexiSpy Spy Phone App 2017-18

This is the second spy phone app with an experience  more than 11 years. They invented first commercial spy program in 2006, since then they are increasing their functional area. This time FlexiSPY is available for Android, iOS, Windows ( PC ), Mac, BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian operating systems. For Android OS, rooting is not necessary but required for some specific features. If we talk about features, there is a huge list and no any other spy app has provided such a big list of features. Here we are trying to explain each feature with its significance.

Features of FlexiSPY Spy Phone App:

Complete Spy on Calls: You can listen & record ordinary calls as well as VOIP & Skype calls. Also listen and record phone surroundings with microphone and use face-time spy cam to record live videos.

Monitor Messages: It allows to read SMS, MMS & Emails. Also you can send fake SMS with this app.

Complete location monitoring of target person using GPS.

You can spy on almost all instant messengers like: Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Viber, Line, BBM, WeChat, Hike etc.

Check every image, video or audio in their gallery.

Enjoy remote features like: taking remote pictures, restart their device & SMS remote commands etc.

Spy on their complete browser history and bookmarks saved.

Also you can monitor their applications like: address book, calendar notes, installed programs and take screen shots.

You will get an alert when they call a specific contact or change their SIM.

It allows you to hide Jailbreak, SuperSU and you can hide it from application list / task manager.

You can record keystroke history of any application.

FlexiSPY is the easiest spyware to use because it is very simple to install, upgrade, update, renew, deactivate and uninstall.

They also give 10 day refund policy to their customers.

To Know More, Visit their Official Website Here

#3 Mobistealth – Ultimate Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Mobistealth Spy App 2017-18

The spy app which comes on third place is Mobistealth. This is also a reputable spy program satisfying customers’ requirements for a long time. It is available for Android and iOS cell phone along with Windows PC and MAC OS. In Android rooting is not necessary as well as in iPhone Jailbreaking also not necessary. Like mSpy they also offers non jailbreak solution for Apple devices which allows user to spy on target Apple device without touching it. Below we are listing its features with details:

Like other spy apps, Mobistealth also offers SMS spy feature along with email spy.

Check all apps installed on the device.

Spy all contacts and appointments.

Monitor instant messengers: BBM, MSN, Skype, Whatsapp, Yahoo, Viber, Kik, Line etc.

Spy on internet browsing & saved bookmarks.

Location tracking with or without GPS that means you can track location of target person even when traditional GPS fails.

Monitor pictures and videos from gallery of targeted device.

Log keystrokes and take screenshots ( only for PC ).

Surround and call recording feature is also available in it.

Visit Official Website of Mobistealth Here

These are the top three spy programs which have a good faith among customers. We always recommend the first one i.e. mSpy t our readers because of its reasonable price and positive customer reviews. Also its user interface is very interactive and user friendly. FlexiSPY is costly and has less subscriptions to choose from otherwise it is also a tremendous spy phone app. List of features offered by FlexiSPY is the biggest in whole mobile spy software industry. So choose any app according to your budget and requirements.

If you are feeling confused, please comment below. You can also read comparison review of these three spy programs here:

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