Here top 5 spy products are listed with customers’ reviews. We also installed these spy tools in our cell phones to give you the best review of each. We checked each spy products for every operating system they support and also took reviews of users. After that we decided their ranking based on customers’ reviews, popularity, pricing, smoothness with operating systems, features offered, stealth functioning, customer support and refund policy.

 #1 mSpy

mSpy Spy Program

This is one of the best spy apps present in the spy industry. mSpy is certified from Parent Tested Parent Approved ( PTPA ) which is a parent testing community of North America. Also it is specially customized for mobiles and computers both. So it is very easy to use and gives a big list of features. Its pricing starts from $29.99 and also have 10 days refund policy. Its customer support team is ready for 24×7 to solve customers’ problems. mSpy is available for iOS and Android operating systems in addition to Mac OS and Windows ( for computers ). We found its price very reasonable in accordance to its features. mSpy offers some extra features which are not offered by any other spy software like Geo Fencing. Also jailbreaking or rooting is not necessary to install this software in target cell phone. So you can Monitor iPhone without Jailbreaking and it gives you facility to track Whatsapp, Skype & line messages without touching the target iPhone. But if you want to monitor instant messengers on Android phone then rooting is required.

We tested this software on our devices and found it user-friendly on mobiles and computers as well. All features work well on all operating systems.


Main Features of mSpy are:

1. Monitor Incoming/Outgoing Calls & Contacts.

2. Read Sent/Received Messages & Incoming/Outgoing Emails.

3. Track Current GPS Location ( Even when regular GPS is unavailable ) & Geo-Fencing.

4. Spy Browsing History, Website Bookmarks, Wi-Fi Networks, Blocking Websites & Keyword Alert.

5. Get Access to Whatsapp, Skype, iMessage, Viber, Snapchat, Social Networks, Line, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts.

6. Control the Apps installed, Block Apps, Keylogger.

7. Spy Multimedia files from Gallery: Photos, Videos and Instagram.

8. Wipe or Lock target device anytime.

9. Also get additional device info and access to Control Panel anytime.

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#2 MobiStealth

Mobistealth Spy Program

It is an excellent spy software and offers a huge list of features, as a result it became the most selling spy software in the current year. Also it offers 15 days money back guarantee. Mobistealth is available for four major operating systems iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian and works very smoothly and stealthily on them. Also it doesn’t require to jailbreak your iPhone or root any other other phone before installing. So if you want to get the best spy software at a lower price and huge list of features then undoubtedly it is Mobistealth.

We installed it on our cell phones ( on all operating systems ) to measure its capabilities correctly. Smooth functioning is its beauty and we checked all features for all OS and found it trusty.

Features of Mobistealth:

1. Track sent / received SMS.

2. Get detail of apps installed on the cell phone.

3. Spy all contacts & appointments.

4. Spy Instant Messengers: KiK, Viber, Whatsapp, Line, Yahoo, Skype, MSN, Facebook Messenger and BBM.

5. Monitor web browsers with bookmark stored.

6. Location Tracking ( with GPS & without GPS ).

7. Monitor Emails sent and received.

8. Spy gallery ( pictures & videos ).

9. Keylogging & screenshots ( for computers only ).

10. Surround Recording and Call Recording.

11. Monitor iPhone / iPad without jailbreaking.

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#3 FlexiSPY

FlexiSpy Spy App Review

FlexiSPY is making its reputation day by day in the spy industry. It is available for all 4 major operating systems i.e. IOS, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian. For Android rooting is not necessary but jailbreaking is a requirement if you want to install it on an iPhone. Also they give guarantee of refund if your phone is not compatible with their spy tool. So you can install it as a trial also, if not works well on your cell phone then you can take your money back. Price of this spy software is $68 which is more as compared to mSpy or MobiStealh. But if we see its customers’ satisfaction and list of features ( which is bigger than the feature-list of mSpy or Mobistealth ) then this price is not high. Taking pictures remotely, listen to live calls and VOIP calls logs are some exciting features of this spy app.

FlexiSPY Features:

1. Monitor Calls ( listening & recording, check call logs, VOIP calls recording & listening ).

2. Listen and record phone surroundings.

3. Face-time Spy Cam.

4. Spy Messages ( read SMS, MMS & Emails, send fake SMS and delete SMS ).

5. View and track GPS location & spy on passwords.

6. Instant Messengers Spy ( Viber, Line, Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook/Facebook Messenger, WeChat, iMessages, BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Telegram, Kik, Snapchat & Hangouts ).

7. Multimedia ( spy on images, audio and video files ).

8. Remote Features ( Remotely take picture using camera, restart target device, remote SMS and check device info ).

9. Check web pages visited and bookmarks stored.

10. Applications Tracking ( Spy calendar activities, notes, address book and installed programs ).

11. Alerts – SIM card change alert & specific call alert.

12. Hide Jailbreak & SuperSU.

13. You can hide FlexiSPY from application list and task manager.

14. It is very easy to install, use, update, upgrade, renew, deactivate & uninstall.

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#4 Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile Spy App

Highster Mobile is the spy app from “ILF Mobile Apps Corporation” which is a USA based reputated company. This spy app works in undetectable manner and provides some exciting features like stealth camera. It is available for all Android and iOS devices. They give 10 days refund policy and starting price of HighsterMobile is $69.99. Customer support of Highster mobile is good, not excellent. This is also one of the reasons we put this app on fourth number. But if we talk about the list of features then this software gives us happiness of big list of features. You can track almost everything with this spy app, so this is one of the favorable points why you should buy this cell phone spy app.

To install this spy app in target cell phone you must have physical access of that phone for approximately 2-3 minutes. After that you don’t require that cell phone again. You can monitor that target cell phone remotely from the dashboard of Highster Mobile. When your task completed then you can uninstall it remotely from the target cell phone without physical access. Also No-jailbreak solution is available for iPhone / iPad for which you don’t require physical access of the target iPhone / iPad.

Highster Mobile Features:

1. SMS Text Messages, GPS Location, Call Logs.

2. Advanced live control panel.

3. Phone & video log i.e. photo / video spy.

4. Browsing history, social networking log.

5. Stealth camera ( Take remote pictures anytime ).

6. Check all installed applications & monitor running apps.

7. You can remotely uninstall any app on target device.

8. Remotely lock phone & remotely block any application.

9. Spy on Facebook / Facebook-messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Skype, BBM & Viber.

10. No-Jailbreak solution also available.

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#5 SpyEra

Spyera Spy Software

This is the most powerful & undetectable cell phone spy software having unique list of features. It is available for all 4 major operating systems i.e. Android, iOS, BB and Symbian. Also it requires physical access of target cell phone to install on it. Apple devices must be jailbroken before installation and Android devices must be rooted.

Great this is that it is completely undetectable from task manager, home screen and launcher also. It works in the background without any evidence so nobody can detect it. It also hide root evidences as well as jailbreak evidences and also hide Cydia icon. These are the reasons we recommend this app to the users.

Features of SpyEra:

1. Live call listening & recording.

2. Spy on Instant Messengers ( Facebook, Whatsapp, BBM, PIN, Skype, Line, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat & iMessage ).

3. Ambient Listening & Recording.

4. Track SMS, Emails & GPS Location.

5. Spy Multimedia Files.

6. Spy on VOIP apps & grab passwords.

7. Alert wizard for some specific criteria.

8. See address book & call history, device change facility, undetectable Spy App and spoof message facility.

9. Check web history of target device, SIM change notification, specific call notification & check battery level anytime.

10. Spy apps installed, change platform anytime ( spy more than one device with single subscription but one at a time ).

11. Easy to install, use & upgrade. Also you can uninstall it remotely.

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mSpy Vs Mobistealth Vs FlexiSpy

These are the top 3 monitoring apps and sometimes it is difficult for the user to select one out of these. There are some key points you can consider while comparing and choosing out of these monitoring apps.

  • If you want to monitor an iPhone or Android phone then we recommend you to choose mSpy Mobile Tracking App because it has very smooth functioning with both OS and offers huge list of features. Also you don’t require Jailbreaking or Rooting to install this app in target cell phone.
  • If you want to monitor a Blackberry or Nokia Symbian phone then Mobistealth Monitoring Software is the best option for you. Also it doesn’t require rooting for Blackberry and Symbian phones.
  • If you don’t have any problem in Jailbreaking or Rooting and you need some extra features like Remote Camera then Flexispy Spy App is the best option for you. It is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia smartphones.

Highster Mobile Vs Spyera

These spy tools require Jailbreaking or Rooting for installation in target cell phone. Highster Mobile has some unique features like spying text messages & iMessages ( Old or Deleted ) and Stealth Camera etc. Spyera also have features like Ambient Recording, Ambient Listening and Fully Stealth Mode etc.

  • If target cell phone is Blackberry or Nokia Symbian then Spyera Spy App is the perfect spy tool for you.

Note: These are the recommendations based on our research and users’ reviews. You can choose any one spy software available on our website according to your budget and features you need. All spy products available on our site are genuine and reviewed by us.

How to Choose the Best Cell Phone Spy Software

Here we listed top 5 spy products in decreasing order of there popularity and ranking given by experts & users. mSpy and Mobistealth are more popular than other spy products available in the market and having good list of features. But if you need some extraordinary features then you should move towards other products but you have to pay more for these. If your budget is low and satisfied with the features offered by mSpy or Mobistealth then you can choose any one out of these two otherwise you could move towards Flexispy, Highster Mobile or Spyera.


We recommend these spy apps for genuine purposes like Parental Control or Employee Monitoring. Also you must keep your local laws in mind before using these spy apps. We don’t recommend to use these apps for illegal purposes. So read terms and conditions of each software before use.